Kaliber Dobermans
Home to the Highest Quality Doberman Pinschers





From the moment of birth, our puppies are conscientiously monitored and lovingly cared for inside our home. They receive careful attention throughout their infancy.





We have been fortunate to have produced exceptionally beautiful, and structurally sound dogs, but we are concerned primarily with the Doberman's health and temperament. To this end, our breedings are carefully planned- taking into consideration the sire and dams' pedigrees, temperaments and health histories. In addition, our dogs and puppies are loved, handled and socialized to guarantee wonderful companion temperaments. All ears are cropped and healed before the puppy is released.







Matching the right puppy with the right home is imperative. Mismatching puppies with perspective buyers is how irresponsible breeders fill shelters with unwanted dogs. 








We would rather wait for the right home for each individual puppy, and very carefully screen prospective buyers. We will only place puppies when we feel sure that puppy and owner(s) are well suited.